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Your Site is complete what?
Support / Maintaining Your site:

It is important to understand the costs of maintaining a website before you start the web development process. With this information, you are better prepared to make decisions regarding the scope of the site and the initial investment.

Domain registration:
Although the initial registration is a one time cost, you will have to pay a small yearly fee to retain the use of your domain name (
We can take care of this for you and let you know in advance when this fee is due. (You can pay for more than one year at a time if you wish)

Web site hosting:
This is a regularly incurred monthly fee. As part of our service we oversee the web hosting and can bill you monthly, quarterly or yearly. There are costs in establishing the site initially as well as ongoing monthly maintenance fees. The actual cost depends on how high powered your site is (requiring secure processing for credit cards and shopping carts, dynamic processing using Active Server Pages and Cold Fusion). We can give you a better idea of this cost once we have the direction you want to go.

Search Engine Submission:
In the past it has been possible to manually submit your website to search engines and directories. However, recently it has become a complex process. There are still some free search engine submit pages ...but they are few and far between. We will submit to the free top search engines for you, but we cannot guarantee if and when the search engines will index any website. We will work with you on the best deals available for the fee based search engines.

Ongoing site updates:
Keeping your site updated and fresh with new content (specials, news updates) will keep your customers coming back.
Complexity of the site and frequency of updates will vary the cost for this service.

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