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Your Website ...approaching the design
Steps to building Your site:

Determine your Goals: It is important to establish the goals of your website. Your website should be a key component of your overall marketing strategy. It should definitely reflect who you are and make it clear to customers what it is you offer. The purpose of the website should be immediately obvious. (i.e. to sell shoes) If you're going to sell shoes ...make sure the customer knows right from the beginning. The amount of information determined up front for your website and the level of activity (feedback forms, shopping carts) will help us with your overall goals.

How will it look: What graphic design elements already represent your company's image? A company logo and tag line have probably already been developed and the website's look and feel can be established around these visual elements. Do you want to provide digital pictures of your company or will we provide customized graphics for you? We can also discuss inexpensive and excellent sources for photos for your website, saving you the expense of a photo-shoot.

Navigation: There are many different ways to navigate a website and we will help you select the best way for your site ...but remember ...keep it simple and stright forward.

Content: Together, we will map out just what and how much information is to be presented. Resulting from this will be decisions regarding the organization of the content within the website.

Cost: We recommend that you start out with a basic website that covers the essentials. Get feedback from your customers and after a few months tell us what they are saying and then request enhancements to your existing site. This helps keep costs to a minimum and ensures that more complex websites are driven by need and experience to meet our client's expectations.

Once our discussions are complete, we provide you with a written proposal with cost estimates. Once accepted, we require a partial payment to begin the draft of your website.

Domain and Site Establishment
- Domain Name: (www. We will register your domain name for a small fee. If you already own the domain name, we will help you decide how to host it.

- Hosting: If you are unfamiliar with website hosting, think of it as where your site will live. Every site lives on a large computer called a server that is connected to the internet. Don't worry ...well take care of all the technical stuff.

Site Construction

This includes all the technical steps of building the website:
- which includes overseeing the domain and site establishment,
- creating graphics, navigation, content organization,
- building html pages,
- programming of special interactive features
- assembly of site pages and testing.
- Your role (the client), will be approving designs for the homepage and sub pages and providing content. This is key in getting the site done quickly and to your satisfaction.
The green light
After you have approved the finished pages we will then put your site live for the world (and future customers) to see. It is important to visit the site regularly in the beginning for purposes of quality control. If there are interactive pieces, you should make an effort to "take a test drive".

A walk through demonstration for training purposes will be done (if needed) to get you familiar with your new site. We are always available by email to answer any questions. We recommend adding your new website address on your business cards and marketing materials to help promote your new site.

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